StudioFiles 3 - Features


StudioFiles is a database application suggesting total solution for studios management. It uses Audio studios as a model but can efficiently serve video or other production studio types. It is built to supply answers for three general studio needs: projects and studio activities management, studio resources management, and covering studio's business aspects.

This version of StudioFiles is based on the successful predecessor versions though it includes many more features and abilities (See the features list for more details).




As part of its commercial features, StudioFiles suggests the Invoices section allowing to create studio invoices that include your studio name and details, recipient details, client payments, and more...

It is possible to create invoice items manually or use the invoice wizard that automatically collects activities based on your search criteria.

The summing table at the bottom includes an automatic calculators that speed up the creation process and help to avoid mistakes.

Each invoice can be saved, printed, exported, and restored from the internal database at later times for viewing and copy printing or exporting to text file.




Studio booking


StudioFiles contains booking diary.

The booking tool allows to build a working plan for your studio and avoid time conflicts between sessions.

Each book entry includes parameters like date/time, client, engineer, studio room, etc... letting you build a detailed view of upcoming events and sessions in your studio.

The various built in filters allow to display events selectively. This option makes it possible to manage few parallel diaries at the same time. Each one relates to different studio room, project, client or even an engineer.

Events can be converted into project sessions with only one button click.




Media scanner


The Media libraries section lets you organize all your media resources (WAV files, MP3 files, AVI files, MPEG files, etc..).

An important helper for this section is the Media Scanner. This tool lets you specify a location (folder) to be scanned and with one button click all media files (based on the specified filter) that are found inside (including sub-folders) will be added automatically into current selected library.

This automatic tool is excellent in cases you need to manage huge media resources and libraries.




The Small Little Tricks


StudioFiles is built with a unique tables architecture. Each table's cell responds differently when its edit mode is activated , depends on the type of data it holds. some cells show simple text boxes, others include drop down lists divided into categories and some respond by displaying special date/time controls with optional pop up calendars.

These 'small tricks' are very useful by helping to create fluent usage and saving time.





Features list


• Projects management. An extensive section that covers all aspects of studio activities. It includes global project information, songs, tracks, sessions, and more.
• Booking diary. Helps to build a studio working plan, schedule sessions and avoid time conflicts.
• Invoice engine. Create and print professional invoices legitimate under any law requirements.
• Media Libraries. Organize your studio media resources for fast access and auditioning.
• Reports engine. Create, print and export reports that summing various types of activities or data
for internal use or your studio clients.
• Contacts book. Subscribe your clients and bind them with studio activities.
• Gear & Stock section. Create records discribe your studio equipment include maintenance tracking and services definition. Create record for each studio stock related activity. Keep track on stock quantities and prices.
• All application's lists can be exported to text files.
• Project budget section with automatic calculators.
• Quick jump from all application sections allows you to find contact/client details with one button click.
• Projects include various built in filters for fast navigation.
• Tracks can be copied from one song to the other with one button click.
• Each session record is extended with services section for comprehensive documentation.
• Booking section includes month and week views.
• Create multiple book entries with only one button click.
• Convert book entries into sessions with one button click.
• Allow quick jump to sessions associated with book entries.
• 4 built in booking filters allow managing multiple booking diaries.
• The Reports engine creates RTF reports that are printable and exportable
• More than 20 report types and filters are available.
• Enhanced Contacts section with dedicated services list and communication history
• Contacts are categorized into groups to define them association with your studio
• Custom phone descriptions for each contact.
• Gear section allows in depth documentation of studio equipment.
• Payments section inside each invoice allows to add payments as part of invoice creation process.


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