StudioStation Features


StudioStation is a database application suggesting total solution for studios management. It is designed to support all types of production studios including home, recording, video or post production. StudioStation offers total management solution by covering all aspects of studio activities. It includes sections for projects management, supplied services, advance accounting, marketing tools, office tools, reports generator, professional media library section and much more.

StudioStation holds a unique combination of features that all together supply comprehensive solution for the requirements of modern production studios. It is built in a straight forward manner with great emphasis on usability and unique look.


StudioStation highlights

  • Project management solution
  • Services management
  • Studio accounting
  • Marketing support with integrated mailing lists management
  • Reports generator
  • Invoicing
  • Advance media libraries management
  • Advance studio calendar
  • Billboard section includes tasks and reminders support
  • Detailed songs documentation
  • Advance contacts book
  • Studio inventory
  • Fully customizable login & authorization engine

Projects management



The Projects section allows gathering comprehensive project related information. You can document related contacts like client, artist, producer, director, project manager or records label. It also includes links list allowing you to manage related external files.

Each project has a dedicated financial page allows managing budget, setting budget limit, tracking financial status for all services and songs associated with the project and view its financial balance.






Services are the most important assets of a studio. With StudioStation you can set as many services as you need like studio room services used later when documenting studio sessions. Contact or person services used when documenting man work services (sound engineers, musicians). Equipment services for documenting various type of rents (in studio, outdoor) or supplies services when stock items are sold to clients.







No need to use external accounting applications any more. With StudioStation you can create as many accounts as needed for each client. You can document payments, create invoices, track invoices status inside a client's account and print or export comprehensive financial reports.

Beside incoming aspects, StudioStation also includes outgoing sections where you can create accounts for each vendor or other service supplier you are working with, create orders, document costs, and track actual payments made by the studio.

With StudioStation you'll be able to precisely track the financial balance of your studio.






StudioStation offers integral section for creating and managing mailing lists. It is another example to the powerful capabilities included in the product. On one hand you can manage internal contacts book, categorize contacts (clients, vendors, service providers and more) while on the other hand you can use all created contacts as optional members in a mailing list. You can then send email messages for all mailing list members with one buttons click. All messages are documented in the history list.

This feature is important for expanding the studio marketing abilities as well as saving precious when a group of people should be notified with the same message.






StudioStation includes up to 30 different types of reports allow getting a clear picture about the status of various aspects of your studio. Beside reports showing financial characteristics you can also use the tool to print out a summary of project statuses, services summary, studio diary events or inventory status and quantities.

Combined with various filter options, the reports section of StudioStation allows creating precise picture of current studio status in printed or exported formats.






StudioStation offers fully customizable login and authorization levels engine. You can elimiate pages or sections from being displayed just by setting new login level and unchecking page items to make them hidden. you can create as many users as needed based on any predefined levels and set a password to each one of them. On login time, StudioStation analizes the selected authorization level and initializes the application accordingly.

The login engine can be effective if you want to avoid specific data from being exposed to studio staff or during sessions when staff are working with clients. When a whole section is unchecked, its access button in the main toolbar is not displayed.




Media libraries



StudioStation includes media libraries section enriched with many search options. When building large libraries it is important to be able to filter the data displayed and besides creating libraries and grouping them under categories, StudioStation is also offering dedicated section for each library where you can specify keywords representing its content. These keywords are useful when performing search allow finding easily the exact items needed.

The section also includes integrated player for fast auditioning of library items.


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