Put your studio productivity and collaboration up in front

StudioNet is the perfect package for studio owners, managers or administrators who want to increase studio productivity, improve collaboration and help organizing studio related information using a central database. StudioNet will help to create smooth and accurate flow of information between users, help maintaining transparent communication with customers and will make studio financial management a lot more efficient.

With StudioNet, multiple users can have direct access to the studio booking diary or projects, and will be able to update related details like session duration, session participants and supplied inventory.

Protecting sensitive studio related information has top priority in StudioNet. Using the built in prowful authorization engine will allow administrator to selectively authorize users for full or partial only data access.


Essential set of features for a winning business

Communicate Using Studio Messenger

Instant communication capabilities are one of the best ways to increase productivity and faster pace of action. StudioNet offers a built in Studio Messenger tool that works seamlessly without any internet connection. Messages between studio stations can be sent selectively to each or all currently connected users

StudioNet Messenger

Synchronize Studio Activities

With StudioNet you can create a dedicated booking diary for every studio room, sound engineer, customer, project or even diary event type. Managing studio booking becomes much more effective when users can connect to the same diary and see instantly changes made by other remote users


Control the Business

Track customer accounts, financial activities, invoices and quotes from any registered StudioNet Station.

StudioNet organizes business activities in customer accounts. Account management helps tracking and evaluates business relationship with each and every studio customer. You can track invoice statuses, find due or over due items, keep payments list to be included later in fiscal accountant calculations and save account specific details. Each registered customer can have one or more accounts to help better tracking different projects held by the same person




Selectively set User Authorization

In order to protect stored business confidential data, StudioNet includes flexible authorization mechanism allows controlling access privileges up to the level of a selected page. With StudioNet you can create as much customized authorization levels as needed and then assign different level and password to every user that is allowed to login into StudioNet Network. StudioNet let you control the exact access needed for each user




Enhance Customer Relations

StudioNet holds a unique set of contact related tools allow managing and tracking customer relation activities. Customer details are first added to the studio contacts book where communication history can be documented. StudioNet also offers creating mailing lists for easily sending messages, business proposals, special enouncements, etc…, to group of contacts with only one button click

Download StudioNet
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